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Linking arms makes us stronger

I developed a passion for writing at an early age. Due to my cerebral palsy, my speech is slurred making it difficult for most to understand what I say. However when I write, I can communicate without hindrance. People can understand my messages. This is extremely liberating to express my thoughts.

I believe that when I write about disability issues I’m able to challenge people’s perceptions of people with disability. I strongly believe that a great majority of peoples prejudice towards people with disability stems from ignorance.

I believe that when I write I’m removing some people’s misconceptions. Hopefully my writing provides people an insight of the experiences of people with disability.

I find writing about my experiences of having a disability liberating. I believe that for far too long people without a disability have written about us.

We have been the objects for people to research and write about, however in recent years there has been a paradigm shift. People are finally realising that we are experts of our own lives. Our voices are finally being heard and valued.

A key goal for Untapped is to create change, and one of the ways we do this is to join forces with others.

We like to share and support other organisations doing good things for people with a disability.  So from time to time, i will be introducing you to some of these organisations who share our goal and vision, and also help people with a disability to have a voice.

My Disability Matters

My Disability Matters is a fantastic service we have recently connected with, and we love to share information and support others. Untapped is very happy to share this service who provides valuable resources to people with disability, family members and people who have an interest in disability issues.

Visit My Disability Matters

My Disability Matters Club

Living with disability can be lonely and very challenging Are you a person living with disability? Are you a family member or carer of someone with a disability? Do you work in the disability services sector? The My Disability Matters Club has been created just for you Make new friends with people who understand you.

My Disability Matters believes that many people with disability are isolated and don’t have access to information that could enhance their lives. To provide a solution to this situation, My Disability Matters endeavors to address this by providing people with disability and their loved ones an online news, information and a social platform.

The My Disability Matters club (MDM Club)

The free social network offered by My Disability Matters is known as the MDM Club. The club provides people the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances.

Members of the club can have open discussions of disability issues. They are able to meet others touched by disability from across the globe and find peer support.

As a person with disability I know how useful it is to speak with other people in similar situations. We are able to share our experiences and to support each other. By conversing with others, it reduces our isolation. We learn that we are not the only ones who have encountered certain challenges caused by having a disability. This creates a sense of community for people with disability.

The MDM clubs offers online forums and they have specific club groups targeted for people who have similar interests.

The MDM club has a blog. People can hear stories from writers with a disability about their personal experiences. Writers also have a great opportunity to share their work. As a freelance writer with a disability, excitement fuelled my veins when I heard about this blog.

I believe that MDM are part of a social movement acting as an agent for social change. By sharing the stories of people with disability, society can view us as valuable citizens.

Platforms such as MDM and Untapped allow people with disability to have a voice. For too long our voices have been suppressed. It is empowering to know that not only our voices can be heard, our voices are valued. This provides us a beacon of hope.

My name is Lauren Hislop, i have a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Social Science and a Bachelor of Social Science Honours, and i am a disability activist.

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